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Donald Lazor

Donald Lazor

When Donald Lazor’s late wife, Kathleen, was just 10 years old, her mother would bring her bird-watching at Lake View Cemetery. These special outings led to a profound appreciation for the cemetery which Kathleen was eager to instill in Donald.

“We were married for twenty-six years.” When Don speaks of Kathleen, who passed away in 2011, his voice lowers, and a soft smile crosses his face. “Every free weekend afternoon we would make a day of getting lunch on Coventry and walking through Lake View. It’s one of my favorite places in the world!”

One day, Kathleen’s mother asked the couple if they would be interested in having space at Lake View next to her future spot in Section 64. “I know it sounds silly,” Don chuckles about being with his mother-in-law for all eternity. “Most people might have questioned it, but we thought, how lucky are we to have a final resting place at Lake View!”

Donald is a retired mechanist and visits often, paying his respects to Kathleen, and introducing the Cemetery to friends. “When I bring people here, I feel as if I am letting them in on a little secret that I can’t wait to share. Lake View is a beautiful outdoor museum. And it’s free!”

Don recently began pre-planning for the time down the road when he will join Kathleen. He will be leaving a portion of his estate to Lake View and would encourage others who love the cemetery to consider this option as well.

“The cemetery has always been a safe oasis for me, and I want to be sure it stays that way for others to enjoy.”

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