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Lake View Cemetery

12316 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44106


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Building on A Promise

Join our capital campaign to ensure the viability of Lake View Cemetery, now and for eternity.

1869 Leadership Society

1869 Leadership Society

We gratefully acknowledge the members of our 1869 Leadership Society for their tremendous support. Membership is based on cumulative gifts of $1,500 or more annually.

Benefits include special recognition in our publications and invitations to exclusive events. All gifts received ensure the success of the exciting work that we do to further preserve and protect our historic landscape and educational programming.

For more information please contact Leah Whidden, Executive Director at 216.453.0958 or


1869 Leadership Society Members

As of April 15, 2024 (*Denotes deceased)

Anonymous (2)
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Abbey
Mr. & Mrs. Peter W.* Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ames
Dr. & Mrs. William Annable
Dona M. Ashton
Mr. Douglas Barr
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Barrie
Ms. Cynthia Bassett
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Batcheller
Jeanie & George Belhobek
Mary M. Bentoff
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bole
Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Bolton
Mr. Thomas C. Bolton
Elizabeth T. Brown, Ph.D.
Kate Brown & Nelson Wittenmyer
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bryan
Kevin & Shannon Callahan
Doug & Nancy Campbell
Ruth Anna Carlson & Albert Leonetti
Austin & Gillian Chinn
Mr. & Mrs. Henry* Chisholm, III
Clements Family Charitable Trust
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Conrad
Julia D. Cox
Mr. Ryan R. Cross
Mrs. Ellen Chinn Curtis
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Cutler
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Daane
Robert Scott Deckbar
Sarah M. Dimling
Mr. & Mrs. Chandler H. Everett
Mr. & Mrs. Morris Everett, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David K. Ford, Jr.
Mr. Frederick Freeh
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Fulton, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Garfield
John & Claudia Gherlein
Jean & Steve Gokorsch
Ms. Katharine Goss
Sarah & James* Gramentine
Newman T. Halvorson, Jr.
Mr. Robert Hann
Alexandra Hanna
Lawrence & Linda Hatch
Mrs. John F. Herrick
Patrick J. Holland
Mr. Richard Hollington, Jr.
Richard Horvitz & Erica Hartman-Horvitz
Marguerite B. Humphrey
Mr. Edwin Jeffery
Mr. Charley R. Jones*
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore T. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kanner
Ms. Danette Gentile Kauffman
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Keithley
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kelley
Mrs. Eleanor Kendrick
Mrs. Thomas S. Knight, Jr.
Howard Lichtig & Kathleen O’Neil
June Louise
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Luria
Aaron H. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Mavec








Mr. William C. McCoy*
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Meers
Mr. Glenn A. Metzdorf
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Mikitin
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Morley
Creighton B. Murch & Janice A. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Latham Murfey, III
Mrs. Sue Nakamura
Rob & Julie Namy
Mr. & Mrs. William J. O'Neill, Jr.
Timothy & Mary Bochner Ord
David A. Osborne, Jr. & Sandra A. Bergsten
James M. Osborne, II & Elizabeth W. Osborne
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Osborne
Jane & Jon Outcalt
Jude & Richard Parke
Joe H. Payer
Mrs. Allan Peskin
Ms. Virginia Petrie
Mr. & Mrs. Kermit Pike
Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Porter
Mr. & Mrs. George H. L. Porter
Mr. Rick Porter
Mr. Steven Porter
Mrs. Carol Prior
Dana M. Randt
Julie Rehm, Ph.D. & Mr. Bruce Szabo
Ms. Julia S. Robbins
Georgianna T. Roberts
Ms. Lisenne Rockefeller
Joyce & Dale Rothenberger, Jr.
Mrs. Jocelyn Ruf
Mr. & Mrs. John* & Delores* Saada Sr.
Mr. John M. Saada Jr.
Mr. Walter Sedgwick
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Shafran
Drs. Jerry & Linda Shuck
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew L. Sikorovsky
Christopher & Suzanne Smythe
Frank & Stacie Stanton
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Steindler
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Stueber, II
Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Swary
Brian & Diana Taussig
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Taylor, II
Mr. & Mrs. John Maxwell Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Neil L. Thompson
Ms. Christeen Tuttle
Mr. William O. Tuttle
Mr. Robert Vagi
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Vail
Mr.* & Mrs.* Thomas V.H. Vail
Fred A. & Wilma Watkins
Sharon & Gregory Watts
Mr. & Mrs. James Weaver
Daniel Tilles Weidenthal, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weil, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Weiland
Lucy & Chuck Weller
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wellman, Jr.
Debbie & Jim Wert
Mr. & Mrs. Blair M. Whidden
Mr. & Mrs. Dickson Whitney, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Witt

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