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Lake View Cemetery

12316 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44106


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Cathy Miller & Aaron Martin

Cathy Miller & Aaron Martin

Whether taking the bus to John Hay High School, walking to Little Italy, or playing in Patterson Park, Aaron Martin passed by Lake View Cemetery every day of his childhood.

“Lake View Cemetery has always been a backdrop to my life,” he says. “I never thought of anywhere else to be buried but here.” When he visits now, Aaron’s favorite spot is near Jeptha Wade’s monument where he can experience the view of Downtown Cleveland that gives Lake View its name.

Aaron served in the Navy as Interior Communication 3rd grade (IC3) and his first wife, Ida, is resting in our Veterans Section, where Aaron will eventually join her. “Ida always loved that Lake View was so private and serene and I enjoy that too.” Aaron recently became engaged to Cathy Miller who shares his admiration for the cemetery. “We can visit for a picnic or a walk,” Aaron says. “It’s just such a special place. And Cathy, I love you.”

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