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Lake View Cemetery

12316 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44106


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Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans

Since its founding in 1869, Lake View Cemetery has focused its energy on creating one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the United States. We pride ourselves on the care, maintenance, and beautification of the cemetery. The following services are available to ensure your space is handled with care, honor, and respect.

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General Care

Thanks to the founding fathers of Lake View Cemetery, the purchase of grave space allocates a portion of the cost toward the endowment for the future care and maintenance of the cemetery. General care in the cemetery refers to leveling the ground after a burial, planting and replanting the grass on your loved one's space, mowing, trimming, and leaf removal. Please note that as a general rule we do not water the grass throughout the cemetery. Contact us for more information.

Lot Plantings

At Lake View we understand a family's desire to personalize burial space. Lake View allows the planting of flowers beds, ivy beds, and special lot plantings in designated areas of the cemetery. Your family will work with our horticulturist and your Memorial Advisor to discuss your wishes and determine what is appropriate for your space. Prices start at $420 for a flower bed and increase depending on the size of bed and type of plants chosen. Contact us for more information.

Special Care Plans

For those looking for an extra level of attention, a special care plan may be right for you. One of the trained horticulture staff will visit your space or family lot and give it personal attention one, two, or three times per week. On this visit, our gardener will perform a variety of services including watering the grass, raking debris, weeding, pruning of plants, mulching, fertilizer applications, and more. Packages for special care range from $995 to $2,995 annually. Or, set up an endowment to ensure this level of care on your space well into the future. Contact us for more information.

Headstone and Monument Cleaning

Time and weather have a way of discoloring the appearance of headstones and monuments. Mold, algae, acid rain, and general pollution eventually take their toll on even the finest grades of granite. The staff at Lake View can restore the memorials to their original beauty with rates for standard headstones ranging from $175 to $205. Large memorials, monuments, obelisks, family mausoleums, and benches require special pricing. Contact us for more information.


We understand that many families want the same level of care given to their space, lot, or memorial after they pass away. With this in mind, Lake View has developed an endowment program to take care of special maintenance services. Any of the services above may be endowed for 10-50 years ensuring the beauty and special level of care expected for generations to come. Prices range dramatically based on the services chosen and the length of the endowment. Contact us for more information.

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