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For your convenience, we have published our complete database of burial records on our website. By clicking on the tabs above, you can search our records to view memories, photos and life stories submitted by others or you can submit your own. Once you have found your loved one, to view or submit a memory or information, please click "More Information" below their name. We are working to collect and celebrate the history of Cleveland by collecting the history of the lives that were lived here.
Lake View also has wonderful information for genealogy, as we retain copies of all interment records. The interment record includes information such as: date of death; place of death; last place of residence; date of birth; place of birth; cause of death; parents’ names; and sometimes an obituary.
You may request a copy of an interment record or information, for any deceased person buried in Lake View. If you wish a copy of the interment record, there may be a fee for each interment record search.
Please keep in mind, not all searches can provide the specific information you may be seeking. Also, requests for information may take several weeks to be completed based on the number of inquiries received at any one time. Thank you for your patience.
Providing space for people to post obituary information about their loved one is another feature of our online burial records search. Lake View Cemetery reserves the right to review all guest obituary, memory, life story, photo, and condolence submissions, the content of which may subsequently be edited or declined prior to posting.
Please be aware that Lake View Cemetery considers the source of all said submissions as external to our site. In no event shall Lake View Cemetery be held responsible or liable or incur penalties, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by the use or reliance of the content within external submissions to this site.

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